Commercial Handyman Work In London

With our commercial handyman work, we offer an assortment of specialist services. At E&C Clean and Maintain Ltd, our highly skilled team are experienced in everything from plumbing work to painting and decorating. And that’s why we’re you’re first port of call when your business requires some work doing to it.


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Whether you’re looking for contract work or services to complement our cleaning solutions, look no further. Alternatively, you can take advantage of our commercial handyman work as a standalone service. Prices  generally start at £40 per hour and £20 per half hour.  Our regular cleaning costumers can also take advantage of our huge discounts on all handyman and sanding work.Why not call us now to find out how much you can save?

Contact us today to discover more about our commercial handyman work, painting and decorating ,sanding and much more.

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